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10 Best Home Based Communication and Working Tools

Work From Home Tools

Working from home has now become the new normal, and there is work from home communication tools that have had their demand dramatically increase. Remote jobs might sound like something new, but it’s a standard in many companies even before the pandemic started. Almost 43% of citizens in the United States work from the comfort of their homes, and the numbers might go up even after the pandemic. Here are 10 of the best communication tools for those who work-from-home.

RingCentral Video

This is both communication and conferencing software. It also has a combination of screen sharing, instant messaging, and video conferencing, all under one platform. It’s popularly known for its ability to host meetings for up to 500 people and even 10,000 people in view-only mode.


Slack is one of the most recognizable tools in a remote worker’s toolkit. It’s primarily for messaging, but it also offers communication, collaboration, and a file sharing platform. One of the best features is its ability to search through stored files for quick referencing when you need to.


The popular platform is designed in a way that it still works even when there’s limited internet bandwidth. You can complete other tasks, including online training, hosting and joining webinars, virtual meetings, and video demonstrations. The audio and video are HD; there are instant message functions and also screen sharing.


Flock is an all-in-one collaboration and communication software that makes it easy for distributed teams to bridge social and physical distancing. Apart from working perfectly for remote workers, it’s also great for in-office employees because the collaborative features can enhance productivity. Features offered by the platform include video conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing, and other tools that are really helpful.


Skype has been there for a long time, and it’s still one of the top VoIP software applications available in the market. It offers file sharing, video conferences, and simple group chat setups.


This is a cloud-based communication platform that entails an interface that’s user-friendly and simple. It allows employees and companies to talk to each other easily during meetings. Using the mobile feature, users can also be in and out of a conversation even when they aren’t close to the desktop.

8×8 VoIP Phone Service

This is more than just an internet phone. It’s a communication platform with features such as web conferencing and instant messaging. The VoIP software helps you create a virtual exchange, the long-distance calling made easy, and become professional. The VoIP features include smartphone integration, voice mail, and internet fax, among others.


This is a well-known conferencing software used in over 100 countries. It brings teams together by leveraging the power of the cloud. You can hold video conferences, HD audio calls, among others.

Xoxoday Empuls

This tool has both communication and collaboration features. It also comes with messaging and file management features. It can align all employees no matter the size of the business.


It’s a leader in the project management software industry. The platform offers easy communication and collaboration with visual language. Information is synced in a single hub and consolidated using a customizable Boards system.


Working from home is a part of the remote work future. As the field continues to change, so will the tools. The top software you should consider are the ones that keep up with their ecosystems and society’s needs.

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