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10 Interesting Facts About Samsung

Samsung is a common name when it comes to purchasing electronic appliances. It deals in a lot of stuff from phones to TV’s, this Korean electrical brand is the market leader in every area of electronics specifically in the cell phone industry. Since past few years, they have been in the main row of technological development and creation with amazing TVs and unbeatable smartphones. Here are the ten interesting facts about the electronics giant.

  1. Samsung initially was a seller of noodles and other products. In the year 1970 for the first time, it sold an electrical product—a 12-inch Black and White TV.
  2. Samsung is keen on producing in-house and ninety percent of the Samsung equipment are made in the Samsung factories.
  3. It is a worldwide employer and operates in seventy-nine countries with more than two lacs, thirty-six thousand employees.
  4. At one point in time after the release of Samsung’s S3, sales reached five hundred units per minute.
  5. The popular and well-recognized logo of Samsung was introduced back in the year 1993, earlier to that there were two logos, one made in the year 1969 and the other one in 1980 respectively.
  6. It has got the highest number of patents worldwide with more than seven thousand six hundred and seventy U.S. patents.
  7. All Samsung products get a global standard environmental certification since 2013.
  8. It was established back in the year 1938 which makes it exactly thirty-eight years older than Apple.
  9. The business empire of the firm stretches over many various areas not specifically in technology. Samsung’s construction division was responsible for the construction of the world’s tallest building in Dubai—Burj Khalifa.
  10. In between 2009 and 2013 the firm invested $4.8 billion for the reduction of eighty-five million tonnes of greenhouse gases.

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