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10 Misconceptions about SEO you should be aware of

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There are people for whom SEO, even though they understand its value, is a kind of dark and mysterious sphere, and in order to understand it, you must have tons of knowledge and years of experience. It seems to others that this is nonsense and that all specialists powder the uninitiated heads and earn money on it. Here on the border of these two beliefs and there are misconceptions about SEO.

1. When optimizing the site, you need to focus on all possible search engines

Is it even possible? Each search engine has its own optimization, indexing, ranking and relevance algorithms. For example, today on the blog Marketing mix, I read information about the service, which compares positions on request in Google and Yahoo search engines. The result of the reconciliation is displayed graphically and clearly illustrates that the same requests are processed differently by different search engines. Therefore, first of all, you need to focus on those search engines whose visitors you are interested in. This is especially true of business and sales.

2. Search engine optimization is very easy to do.

If it were so easy, then everyone would have already been a mega SEO guru. In fact, site optimization is a laborious job, requiring time for multiple analyzes and statistics.

3. Increasing the total number of visitors is the most important thing for search engine optimization. More visitors – more profit

What is more important for the site: the quantity or quality? Quantity makes no guarantee that it will be better for profit. Profit here is not only money. You can send to your site millions of users who are not at all interested in its subject matter, but who are willing to leave millions of comments like “Very useful info” or “Well done author, keep up the good work ”, etc. In short, spam. This amount can cause the opposite effect for profit, and you have a lot of unnecessary work. Quality is the target, interested audience of your site. It is necessary to focus on it when optimizing.

4. To optimize the graphics, you can simply replace one image with another.

Optimization – first of all text optimization. As for graphics, it is more related to the redesign.

5. Preparing the text for the site is a difficult task and only a specialist should do it.

When optimizing the site, the ready content of the site is taken and all necessary work is done on it. Preparation of the text itself is not the task of optimizers. Prepare the text itself and the owner of the site. The main thing is to have material from which to sculpt. Optimizers will do everything themselves and lead to the form that will suit you.

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6. After search engine optimization, the site should be in the first places in the search results.

Many first places do not happen. And to get into the top three, sometimes you need to spend more than one optimization. On the other hand, how much are the possibilities of the site itself commensurate with the wishes of its owner? Want to place in the porter in the first row, have to fork out. In addition, if the site offers a variety of goods and services, here we are talking not about one keyword or one phrase, but about the whole zone of the likely location of visitors for a number of key words and phrases. This means that the site can not physically be in the first place for any of these keywords or phrases, because you need to take into account the demand for goods and services offered by this site. This is still that job.

7. After optimization, my site will be able to be found in search engines for such keywords that have not been found before.

It’s called “Looking for something, I don’t know what. I am looking where I don’t know myself. ” If the keyword is on the site, then such a site can be found about this keyword. And so … look for the wind field.

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8. Site text can be the same as in magazines, books, newspapers.

Free writing style is good of course. But it is worth remembering that the optimization of the site imposes its technical requirements. The test should like not only users, but also search engines.

9. The more keywords and phrases in the “keywords” Meta tag, the better the site will be optimized.

Pure nonsense. Any optimizer will tell you that this is not true. How, how and where key phrases are applied will depend on ranking and relevance. Why? This will require more than one separate article. And for an example, you can take the <title> tag, which I already wrote about .

10. Uncommon and rare words on the site – a guarantee of the competitiveness of the site and the best search engine optimization.

Perhaps this will give you an advantage and the first places in the search results. Just do not forget to send all these rare phrases and words to your potential readers in a list so that they know how to find you.

These are the misconceptions about SEO you should understand and do not rely on the theory of SEO.

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