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10 New Features Added to Google Search Engine

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Google has done some changes to update its Search Engine. In this article, we will share 10 new features that Google is adding to its search engine.

Google has incorporated Artificial Intelligence to offer smart videos feature called “Featured Videos” card in Google Search. Relevant videos will start playing in results, one after another. They will not be fully played, but if you tap on any of them you can warch it completely.

An ‘Activity Card’ will be added by Google. It will be shown at the top of search results displaying the pages already visited by the user. Users can also delete pages from the activity card.

‘Collections’ is another feature being introduced by Google that will allow users to save content from the activity card. Your saved collections and history will be used by Google to recommend new content to you.

‘Enhancing Topics’ is an update by Google to give extra information about the content you search. There will be card shown at the top of the search results to provide the additional information.

The Google search engine is being redesigned for recommended content. ‘Discover’ update on Google will show videos and other things related to the list of your interests.

The discover feed will show ‘Preferences for the Language’. You will be shown content in the language you prefer.

‘Additional related content’ will be shown in discover feed, relating to details about certain person, place or event.

‘Image Search’ is being updated with tags that display products, stock images, and much more.

‘Google Lens’ feature is being introduced in the Google Photos app and Google Image. Users will be able to identify objects within a picture.

‘Pathways’ update on Google will allow people to learn new skills and get better new jobs.

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