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15 Great Online Business Ideas You Can Start Right Away


In this age of huge competitiveness (and spice of jealousy), everyone seems eager to defeat others around them. People are struggling hard to make huge bucks. They look for opportunities to fill the gap. And to fill this gap, I’ve created a list of 15 great online business ideas for the new startups. So without further ado, let’s get started.

15 Great Online Business Ideas for the Juvenile Startups

1. Online Furniture Store

Be it your home or office or shop, if you look around you’d find that at least half of your premises is covered with your furniture. And even if you want to get rid of them, you won’t be able to.

Does this ring a bell?

Sure it does!

So why not start selling something which is inevitable?

Selling furniture online is one of the coolest ideas you’d ever think of. And guess what – it even doesn’t need high capital to start.

You’d even start renting out the furniture for the short term.

An online furniture store might sound like an old idea. But the plus is – that you’d face fewer vendors in the same business.

2. Sell Toys Online

Who doesn’t love kids? Everybody does. And when it comes to your kid, you want the best for them.

This gave me the idea of starting an online kids’ toys store.

Now, you’d be complaining that this won’t be a profitable business. But, you’d attract more customers if you have a unique idea.

Handmade toys are out of trend. Electronic and high-quality toys are in trend. But nothing would hurt if you add a category of handmade toys to your list.

And to add more, you’d add all the categories to attract more traffic, making it a kids’ zone.

3. Online Homemade Food Store

Food, shelter, and clothes are a few of the intrinsic items, everyone needs, all the time.

So why not start with the basics?

Selling food could be an easy way to make money online. Of course, you can’t make money online, not yet. But there are plenty of ways to sell food on the web.

How about homemade food for your neighbors, friends, office goers, and so on?

An online food store is relatively an easy business to run. You even don’t have to own a website. You can start with a Facebook page. All you need is some off-the-shelf marketing techniques.

This type of business is, however, very common and you might face troubles in the beginning. But if you know your way, you’d be able to stand out.

Okay, now I’m thinking food now 🙂

4. Online Clothing Store

Just like an online food store, you’d even start your own online clothing store. You’d add handmade clothes or could ask vendors to drop their list on your website.

Whatever the case, the business is high-paying and easy to run.

5. Book a Ride Online

Now that we’ve Uber and Careem (in some countries), booking a ride is just a click away. But, no one could call them monopolists. The world is big and you’d be more creative than these high producers.

All you need is a website, a few cars (not your own), and some drivers. Tell your audience that you’ll be offering an online cab or a rent-a-car service. You’ll be offering a lower rate with a better secure environment.

You’d be needing an app, just like Uber and Careem, but it doesn’t have to be up on running right away. You’d develop your app, once your idea starts jumping up.

6. Book a Holiday

Who doesn’t love to hang out?

An online travel store is, again, not a unique business. But a blend of creativity could make it one.

A basic idea could be to help your audience with a comparison between several travel fares. But this could be taken to another step.

How about a family trip plan? Or just a one-day camping plan?

It’s your call. You are the master of your creativity.

Once done, start with an online application leading to a mobile app.

7. Teach Online

Online tutoring is, again, not a unique term.

If you love teaching, you could start from the comfort of your home. All you need is a VoIP system like Skype, hands tight on the subject you love, and a platform to market. You’d start with a Facebook page. And then a website or perhaps a mobile app sometime.

8. Become an Online Author

What do you think all those autobiographies come from? Do you think that those books by the person himself? Well, it isn’t always the case.

So if you love to write, start offering services to clients to write a book for them. And not only this, you’d even then help your clients publish those books online.

9. Sell Your Research

Businesses and individuals spend thousands of bucks to a make a research and get along. They even have to hire some external forces to do this task, consuming further expense and time.

Why don’t you start participating?

This type of business is best for students and those who love to learn.

For you, this could start with a one-man show leading to a team of researchers. Or if you’ve adequate resources, you’d start with a team of enthusiastic researchers.

10. Become an Online Virtual Assistant

This is one of the top online business ideas worldwide. People are making huge bucks as a freelancer or as a team of VAs.

Say you’re a web designer. Why not use your expertise to become a VA?

All you need is to market your services and reach the concerned clients.

11. Start a YouTube Channel

As of the wide use of the internet, people are rushing toward YouTube to market their business. Many the young celebrities have been using YouTube as their main tool for branding and earning.

You’d have to go with your interests. For example, if you want to become an actor you’d have to make some short videos showing your skills.

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12. Become an App Developer

Mobile apps are up on the rise these days. And they’re going to stay for long. Research has shown that iOS app developer can earn much more than any other app developer. So why not grasp hands-on iOS and start offering your services to an app developer.

13. Provide Insurance Services

Insurance is mandatory in many countries. People are always looking for the best option to buy insurance.

To run this business, you don’t have to be an insurance agent. You’d go to some insurance companies, like Youi. Check out Youi car insurance and see how you can team up with them. And ask them to join your venture by sharing details of their services. And you’d then start your own insurance business by providing an insurance comparison.

Or else, you could contact insurance brokers to help them with a useful insurance app for them.

14. Offer SEO Services

As for the usage of the internet, it’s highly important that your business stays on top. One of the ways to stay on top of search results is search engine optimization (SEO).

Now SEO is a necessity for every online business. Even you’d need this.

If you know how to stay on top of results, chances are high that you’d be getting much traffic on your website. And if you’re on the top, it’d make your to-be clients choose your services.

15. Social Media Marketing is Trending

When we talk about social media marketing the first thing that strikes our mind is Facebook. Facebook is one of the best tools to market and brand any business. However, it isn’t the only social media network.

There are tons of social media networks where you’d share your business and help people redirect to your website or blog. And every social media network (the big sharks) follows a different pattern.

Master these skills and start making money with this online business idea.

It’s Your Turn Now

Here we’ve 15 simple online business ideas for 2017, and these are all easy to start.

But there are secrets that you need to learn before jumping into any of these ventures.

We’ll be disclosing those secrets soon. So stay tuned to learn more about online business ideas and tips.

If you have a new idea for the young startups, do share it with everyone so that we could talk more.

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  1. There are many new startups emerging every year. Online clothing store, Food delivery portal, or launching E-commerce gifts portal which are great startup ideas. And I think starting your own business and being your own Boss is the best way to earn money.

    1. Of course, running your own thing is the best. But, not all can do it and not all want to do it 🙂
      Anyways, good to hear from you 🙂

  2. The companies may announce a cash-and-stock transaction that values Careem at about $3 billion (2 billion pounds) in the coming weeks, the report said.

    Negotiations are going on and no final decision has been taken, according to the report.

    Acquiring a rival would be a departure in strategy for Uber. The company has traditionally used such deals to offload costly overseas operations and take stakes in competitors, as it did in China, Russia and Southeast Asia.

    Uber has received estimates from IPO bankers that have pegged its value at up to $120 billion.

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