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1Password announces multiple improvements in its upcoming update to its iOS app

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In a recent update, 1Password provided some amazing features, including a home screen option along with other customizable features in the application. As shared by AgileBits, the upcoming update to 1Password 8 will be a major breakthrough specifically for iOs users.

1Password 8 is ready for a major update, soon to be out

One of the main features of the last update was the addition of a home screen along with customising options that provided the option to pin multiple fields on your home screen.

According to information in the latest update, one password will let users create topics and add sections to pinned items. As said by the company in its personal blog, if there is some trouble at first, the company will make improvements with time to provide a better experience with the feature.

The ability to search within any list item was the most requested feature in the app, which was removed in the previous version. The company has assured that it will bring the feature back in the upcoming updates. In addition, the company is committed to simplifying the initial setup process and improving the Face ID experience.

In terms of authentication, a pin lock will be available individually for each app. Also, it will provide a facility to secure the application with touch ID or Face ID on both the iPhone and iPad. The most recent update will also include the option to set a default vault for saved items.

Along with these features, there’s still more to update, including:

  • Improvement in voice over
  • Options for importing passwords
  • Suggestions for usernames
  • A public unlock view with Okta
  • A latest option to enforce 2FA using security keys.
  • An app catalogue that recommends items for vaults

Although, we are still unsure about when will these features be available but company has assured of making it out soon. A free trial of the app is available for 14 days. After your trial expires, you’ll need to buy a subscription.

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