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3DMark Download – Powerful graphics benchmark


The download from 3DMark installs benchmark software with which you can reliably determine and compare the graphics performance of Windows systems. 3DMark is currently available in version 2.22.7334. It has been continuously developed since 1999 and is one of the most popular tools for checking the performance of the installed hardware.

3DMark download & installation

The latest version of 3DMark requires Windows 10 as a 64-bit version; older versions of the operating system are not supported. Also absolutely necessary: ​​a CPU with at least 1.8 GHz clock speed, 4 GB of RAM, a DirectX11-compatible graphics card, and 6 GB of free hard disk space. After installation, the various benchmark tools can be started via the user interface, although not all of them are available in the free basic version.

3D benchmark for Windows

The developers of 3DMark bring benchmarks together a number of different tests in their test tool since the hardware built into PCs can vary greatly in terms of performance. This is to guarantee that users of different systems can access the test that matches their hardware at any time.

Firestrike benchmark and more

Under the heading “Ice Storm” there is a benchmark that was developed for rather poorly performing devices. This enables you to check how much power Windows tablets, netbooks, and entry-level PCs are providing. The “Cloud Gate” benchmark is primarily intended for mid-range PCs and notebooks. If you want to really heat up gaming PCs and other high-end computers, you can use the Fire Strike benchmark. “Sky Diver” was developed for gaming laptops and mid-range PCs. The DirectX 11-based test checks graphics cards, mobile GPUs, and integrated graphics solutions alike. “Fire Strike” is aimed primarily at owners of high-end systems and even pushes the most modern graphics cards to their limits. “Time Spy” is a DirectX 12 test for gaming PCs with Windows 10 and even supports modern features such as asynchronous compute explicit multi-adapter and multi-threading. The latest benchmark in the software is “Night Raid”, which was specially developed for laptops and tablets with integrated graphics and which is also based on DirectX 12. Among other things, it supports Always Connected PCs with Windows 10 on ARM.

Extend 3DMark Free

All the benchmarks described can be used in the free version of 3DMark that is available for download here. However, some setting options are only available in the paid versions 3DMark Advanced and Professional. This includes hardware monitoring, user-defined benchmark settings, or the option of saving results offline. In the paid Advanced Edition, a test is available that compares the API overhead of DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and AMD’s mantle and thus shows which performance advantages the two modern programming interfaces can bring in future games compared to DirectX 11. Windows 10 (Build 10041 or higher) is required for the DirectX 12 test and a compatible AMD graphics card for the Mantle test.

Comprehensive graphic benchmark

3DMark has been one of the best-known tools in the graphics benchmark area for years. The hardware is pushed to its limits with various graphics and physics tests. If you want a rough overview of how much power your own PC provides, you will also be satisfied with the free version. The Advanced Edition with unlimited setting options is available from EUR 24.99.