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4 Reasons To Hire Gaming App Developers From Abroad

There is absolutely no doubt that during the pandemic, the volume of people playing games on their mobile devices ballooned. Not only has this seen a rise in the number of people discovering cool games to play while their time away, but it has also inspired many to create their very own games. Having a basic idea and a storyboard is a great starting point, but most people with an idea haven’t the first clue about how to actually develop their vision into an app.

The best option here is to use a freelance app developer, and hiring a professional from abroad, in countries like India and the Philippines, is the ideal way to bring that idea to life, and here is why.

Low Cost

When it comes to countries like India and the Philippines have a much lower cost of living than in the Western world, which means that they often quote much lower than a local business would. This is ideal for those who simply want to try out their idea, and who don’t want to pump in thousands in order to create their mobile game.

Easy Payments

In the past, if you were to send money to India you would find a very slow process which was also costly, littered with fees, and poor conversion rates. This is no longer the case, however, thanks to easy-to-use money transfer apps. Using an app like Ria you can send money to 165 countries around the world with ease, not to mention with great conversion rates and low fees.

High Quality

 Just because you are not paying top dollar for this service doesn’t mean that you are going to receive poor quality work, far from it in fact. India and the Philippines have been plowing money into IT training for years and some of the world’s best app and software developers either operate from these countries or learned their trade there before heading to the likes of the USA. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that using freelancers in these countries is going means that you receive a lower quality of work. Naturally, some will be better than others, so be sure that you check out all reviews from their previous jobs.

App Delivery Speed

If there is one thing which we can say about the best freelancers it is that they aim to please, as this is what ensures that they continue to get jobs going forward, in what is a highly competitive market. For you, this means that you are going to be able to count on a quick turnaround time for your new game. Not only does this help you get to market quicker, it also gives you plenty of time to make any changes and tweaks which you need, without the process becoming a laborious and time-consuming ordeal. If you have had that bright idea for a new mobile game then look to India and the Philippines when it comes to getting the app designed and developed.

Alexia Hope

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