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4G download speed in India much slower than Pakistan: Report

In June 2018, the 4G download speed in India was recorded at 9.12 Mbps which is even slower that Pakistan (14.03 Mbps) and Sri Lanka (16.98 Mbps) way beyond the global average of 23.54 Mbps.

In India, the overall internet usage and penetration is improving with every single day, however, the mobile internet speed is still below the neighboring countries including Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

According to the report by online speed testing platform Ookla, Indian 4G speeds are ranked at the bottom when compared to other countries in the region, the global average speed stands at 23.54 Mbps during June, however, the download speed over 4G network in India stood at 9.12 Mbps whereas Pakistan 4G speed remained at 14.03 Mbps and Sri Lanka leads with 16.98 Mbps 4G speed.

Telenor Pakistan to upgrade 4G speeds

A report produced by OpenSignal in April, which provides insights of global mobile operators in terms of coverage and performance, the Indian operators are more focused on expanding the 4G reach throughout the country rather than injecting speed into the system.

Despite strong growth in 4G availability which crossed 65% threshold in April, Indian operators were only able to improve the speed which could barely be noticed. However, the Bharti and Airtel ranked top while conducting speed tests in India.

The similar situation is containing Pakistan’s 4G networks, Pakistan’s 4G speeds are getting slower with the 4G penetration, the inversely proportional relationship in the 4G network is due to lack of focus on expanding network capabilities rather the companies are trying to make money with low investments in networks.