5 Best Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Best plugins to speed up wordpress

WordPress is known as the most convenient content management system for blogging due to its ease of use and browser-based feature. Nowadays, the use of WordPress isn’t limited only to blogs as many notable websites including BBC America, TechCrunch, and Google Venture are using WordPress for their Websites. You should have optimize your wordpress with plugins, best plugins to speed up wordpress is the key. The availability of plugins significantly extends the functionality of the website and you can effortlessly boost its speed which makes it more SEO and user-friendly. Google prefers websites having faster speed as these websites are capable of driving more traffic, give cordial user-experience, and generate revenue.

In this article, I’m going to share a list of best plugins to speed up wordpress while these plugins also help you in front-end and back-end optimization. You can install and integrate these plugins without discriminating between blogging and non-blogging websites. For the reader’s understanding, I would like to briefly state the work nature of caching WordPress before going to elaborate the features of the plugins.

How Caching WordPress Works

Decreasing the loading time is the main purpose of caching WordPress. The web pages are stored in the server as static pages. Whenever a user while sitting over the internet searches for a web page, the call is generated and the web page comes right in front once it is called from the cache.

Best WordPress Caching Plugins

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a famous and the most trusted plugin of many WordPress users. The installation and configuration processes are very easy and take minimum time. No need to worry about technical work as these sophisticated things are encapsulated from the user. After the installation of the plugin, the speed of your website gets 10% higher while it’s equally compatible with WP eMember, WP eStore and other WordPress platforms. Moreover, transparent content delivery network (CDN) can be managed with different themes and Media library. The improved site speed and conversion rates boost up the website speed which positively affects your ranking on Google. Smashing magazine, Mashable, and tipsandtricks-hq.com are some renowned sites which are getting benefit from W3 Total Cache to improve their server performance.

WP Optimize

WP Optimizer serves as all in one package. It’s very user-friendly and comes up with various important features which you can activate with just one click. The plugin itself deals with the critical issues which cause to lower the speed of the website. After installation, you enable to check database statics which represents the optimize space and the space cleared by the plugin. It allows you to remove draft posts, transient options, spam comments, and trashed comments. Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, the plugin is available online and you can download its amazing features without paying a single penny.

Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache aims to magnify the speed of WordPress blog and specially designed for low resources hosting websites while it can be efficiently used for high-end servers as well. Mobile theme switch option, CDN supports, and bbPress specific integration makes its use handy and helpful in optimizing website according to the Google requirements. Mobile support feature lets you test the blog performance on different mobile devices like Opera Mini and iPhone which helps you in comprehending the cause and hurdles in the speed. Hyper Extended Cache is also available in the market which was released by the wordpress.org after the encouraging feedback from the users.

WP-DB Manager

Database plays an important role in storing information and sensitive data, but its improper use results in the slow speed of the website. Proper relations between tables, no empty spaces in the fields, and strong queries are some essential features of a good database. WP-DB Manager eliminates chaos from the database by dropping empty tables and removing unnecessary queries. Furthermore, you can request for automatic backup and delete backup database as well. Optimizing database eventually speeds up and optimize website while the user doesn’t have to wait too long for the website loading. The installation and configuration time are minimum with the promising positive results.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket answers to the needs of nontechnical persons who find programming difficult and get confused over coding. The plugin is simple, easy to install, and quickly activates. Its exciting features include integration with CloudFlare, Google fonts optimization, and immediate page caching. Moreover, the speed of the website increases by deferring the heavy files and images only load when the user scrolls the page down. The amazing plugin is light in weight and also reduces the static file compression. Moreover, it is developer friendly and provides built-in options during development.


These plugins sometimes can create conflicts with the theme and other plugins, if you see some problems after installing the plugin on your wordpress, you can do the following steps in oder to know whether the plugin is creating conflict or not:

1- Disable the plugin and check the sites performance
2- Reenable the plugin to see if the problem comes back.

If the problem comes back with by activating the plugin then you might need to change the plugin and try any other plugin which do not affect or create conflict with others


All the above-mentioned plugins are highly recommended by the experts and have managed to garner the best customer reviews. The download links are also provided for the ease of the readers. Now, it’s your turn to evaluate your needs and decide the most appropriate plugin that answers to your needs. Optimize your website to generate traffic and revenue. Better user experience stops visitors from switching to another website and chances of getting potential buyers also increase with an optimized website.

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