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5 Brilliant Content Marketing Examples to Follow

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Content marketing has become the number one priority of all online marketers. Online surveys have revealed that 2/3rd marketers are investing more in content marketing. Moreover, brands are saving $14 on every new customer acquired through this strategy.

If you own a massive corporation or just starting a small business online, it will work for both of these. However, the mode of action varies with the size of business. It has diversity which is the reason behind its success. In this post, we will discuss different content marketing strategies and how you can apply them on your business.

Bernie Sander

This presidential candidate has used content for its campaign like no other candidate. The success of any political campaign is measured by the fundraising and it made a massive number of $73 million in a year. He educated and informed masses through his website and emails. Then he shared main policy points on his youtube, twitter, facebook and instagram accounts.

Bernie is delivering the content which engages his audience. He is providing value to his audience instead of just fundraising. You have to learn where you audience spend time and what type of content they are reading then provide them that content. You have to offer them something which they don’t know before.


HubSpot is putting lots of time and money to succeed in content marketing world. It has seven blogs and every blog has 7 new posts every day. Their social media department is working on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Their efforts have resulted in mass following.

But their success is not merely dependent on content. They are targeting users on varying marketing topics or lead magnets with guides, series, calendars, ebooks and templates. You have to break down your content marketing strategy into number of niches and then assign a lead magnet to each of them.


Brian Dan at Backlinko uses the exact opposite strategy of HubSpot as he just posts once per month. However, this blog has 100k views per month. Backlinko is getting more traffic with this single post than the 70 posts per 2 days of HubSpot. He is providing his audience linkable, shareable and valuable content. He writes what people, influencers and websites want to read and share. Also he spends 80% of his time to promotion.

You have to produce quality content and spend lots of time to promoting it. Share your content on social platforms and other forums. Search for new ones and promote it on these.


Content marketing is a dynamic field and now it’s not just concerned with written words. Online audience is also using video for consuming media and GoPro is targeting this medium. They are not only using high-end producers but also customers made videos. Every month thousands of users submit their GoPro made videos which are edited by other users.

GoPro knows people want to share their experience with the world and they are exploiting this need with awards and promotions. You have to learn about the content your audience is producing and incorporate it into your strategy.

Beats by Dre

This company had used branding for selling its products when branding became a thing of the past for most of the marketers. They targeted customers who had fashion-first and trendy lifestyle with lots of money like celebrities. They identified that there were no fashion-savvy headphones available in the market and they tapped that niche.

Likewise, you have to identify a market segment, an alternative use for your commodity and target it. You have to create a new angle, a different direction for marketing your products such as a desirable benefit which your competitors are ignoring.

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