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5 Best Forex Trading Apps to Get You Started

Since everything is going on the web, how could the stock and forex markets stay behind? Making every investor’s dream come true, professionals have been working hard to offer us some cool stock and forex trading apps.

Since you all have a good basic idea of the two financial markets, I’m going to talk here about some top forex trading apps specifically for beginners.

Let’s get started.

Top Forex Trading Apps

You’ll find tons of forex trading apps on the web and the app stores. But not all could be well-suited for you neither all are authentic.

The apps I’m about to share contains the top 5 forex trading apps according to Finance Illustrated, a YouTube channel. They’ve worked hard to list down these apps. I personally have checked their authenticity on the web. And found them deserving enough to share with you.

Trading Game

This forex trading app is best suitable for beginners. This is kind of a game (or adults) where you learn, trade, play, and earn virtual cash.

By joining the ‘Learn’ section of the app, you make yourself familiar with the basics and earn some virtual money at the end of each subsection.

After the first section, you can ‘Trade’ by using the virtual cash you earn earlier. This is where you learn further and use your virtual cash to earn profits (or otherwise, make a loss).

After this comes the ‘Play’ section where you can further make some virtual cash by attempting the quiz.

The current rating of this forex trading app is 4.5 on Google Play, the app comes in 8 different languages and is available both for iOS and Android users.

Trading View

Now that you have learned the basics of forex trading and have experienced trading using virtual currency, it’s time to dig deeper.

Earlier, I said that being a forex trader you don’t need to know the history of the market. Well, it’s true for starters. But for pros, it’s good to understand the trends.

This app is a community where millions of traders and experts gather to analyze, discuss, and trade. This is going to be a bit difficult to understand. All the charts, graphs, and analysis require pre-knowledge of the currency market. And it’s rightfully placed at number 2.

The app has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play, has a community of over 8 million users, and is available on iOS, and Android.


This is the stage where your trading starts. This is a social trading app. Here you can get pretty good advice from other traders on the same app.

One unique feature of this app is; copy trading. Here you can copy other traders’ portfolios and do what they’re doing. This feature reduces your risk of loss. But if you keep yourself too much away from the app, you might face losses.

Cut to the chase, eToro is a simple to use, available both for iOS and Android users, and good for beginners like you.

Bloomberg: Market and Financial News

This, again, is related to data. Data is key in the financial market. Without proper data, you wouldn’t be able to become a successful trader.

Bloomberg doesn’t need an introduction. It’s already a world-renowned company running mainly its businesses in and for the financial markets.

This app is not only for forex traders but for every business and financial-related professional.

The app is available on iOS and Google Play, has a rating of 4.2 on Play Store, and has a 30 days free trial period.


This is another trading app but a bit more complicated. It’s safe to trade on this app as it’s listed on a stock exchange and is regulated by some top financial authorities.

The app has more than 200,000 active customers, is available on several operating systems, and offers a demo account for beginners.

This brings us to the end of the list. These are some useful forex trading apps. They might have lost their worth since 2019. But they’re worth using and definitely worth starting your career as a professional forex trader.