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5 Reasons Pakistan is an Attractive Place for Foreign Investors – Google White Paper

Lars Anthonisen who is the Head of Large Customer Marketing at Google, South Asia believes that Pakistan is an attractive place for foreign investors. He says that Pakistan is a rapidly emerging “digital-first country”. In the future, according to him, Pakistan will be a place for investment for the entrepreneurs from all over the world.

He said that Pakistan will soon “produce one of the largest digital audiences in the world”. Thus it is a growing market for investment.

According to him, there are five reasons that Pakistan is becoming the digital hub for different companies.

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  1. Rapidly growing population

He said that the ever-increasing population in Pakistan means that more and more people are getting online in the country. In Pakistan, people living in cities are 40%, more than in India. All these people are “potential customers”.

  1. Economy Driven by SME

Secondly, the said that Pakistan’s economy is expected to be the fourth fastest by 2030. The economy is primarily run by small and medium enterprises SMEs. These SMEs have 40% share in GDP thus they are essential for Pakistan’s present and future.

  1. Smartphones Users

The number of smartphone users in Pakistan aisaround 59 million with 83% of them having Android devices. The users will keep on increasing as the prices of smartphones decreases.

  1. Internet Penetration

Presently internet penetration in Pakistan is 22% but it is increasing. Digital consumption in the country is rapidly increasing. Currently, internet users in Pakistan are 4.46 million. The YouTube users also have increased by 60% in the last three years.

  1. Investment by China

CPEC is a mega project that has opened doors for Pakistan. It is the largest investment that has ever happened in Pakistan and it is just the start.