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5 Reasons why buyers and agents prefer virtual tours over video

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With the development of digital technology, virtual tours as an advertising tool began to gain in popularity and started to be used in the cultural and entertainment spheres, but one of the most common was real estate. Photos and videos of properties for sale have been supplemented by 3d virtual tours of real estate, which include a detailed view of the houses and apartments.

Taking a point-by-point approach, we are going to highlight the ten reasons that show the advantages of 3d rendering services over other types of advertising, particularly compared to the video.

  1. Interactivity

One of the biggest and most important differences between a video and a virtual tours real estate is the fact that 3d tours are completely self-contained tools that literally immerse the potential buyer inside the property. Moreover, buyers have the opportunity to explore the property on their own and interact with it personally. No video can compare to the immersive experience of virtual house staging. A flat one-volume photo is not able to convey the full feeling of viewing even insignificant and unimpressive details, as a panorama can do. 

  1. Cost and time savings

Having visited the company’s website, the potential buyer is not limited in time and can repeatedly return to the object of interest, calmly thinking everything over. Since many buyers prefer to consult with their loved ones regarding the purchase of the property, thanks to video tours such excursions can be conducted an unlimited number of times.

For an agent, virtual tours are also a huge time saver, because they significantly reduce the number of physical viewings. Customers, however, receive more information about the property they are interested in, which saves a lot of time spent on watching videos and studying the characteristics of the property separately.

  1. Unlimited add-on capability

Text, photos, sound, links, watermarks, and logos are all digital data sources that are at your disposal when you decide to create a virtual tour. 3D tours can contain an unlimited amount of information about the property, which can be supplemented directly by the real estate agency. Unlike videos, virtual tours for real estate can be supplemented and modified at any time. By touring the property, potential customers have the opportunity to zoom in and scrutinize any details that interest them, which may be overlooked on a face-to-face visit.

  1. Present properties at their best

By using a 3d rendering service, real estate agents have the opportunity to present the property as well as possible, enriching the property with elements that might interest the buyer even more. Unlike a static video, buyers can get a feel for the space with virtual staging. In addition, due to the features of the 3d real estate tour, real estate agents can also provide a tour of the surrounding area of the property, parks, swimming pools, and all the nearby infrastructure can be displayed.

  1. Exclusivity

In the 21st century, few people can be surprised by showing a video, even if it depicts a property of stunning beauty and design. However, having a 3d tour option on your real estate company’s website can not only attract more buyers but also stand out among your business competitors. To test this theory, you can google 3d virtual real estate tours near me and see how many such tours can be found in your city or district.

Thanks to such a simple to create and at the same time effective digital tool as virtual tours can significantly increase sales and make your real estate spectacular. Using virtual real estate tours you keep pace with innovation and significantly develop your business.

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