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5 Tips to Improve Your Gaming Skills

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If you’re anything like me, you play games to relax and unwind after a long day of work or school. After all, who doesn’t enjoy spending an hour or two cruising through Candy Crush Saga on their phone? However, there are some of us that want to take our gaming skills to the next level – whether it’s because we want to join the competitive eSports arena (or have always dreamed of doing so), or just want to be known as the coolest gamer around. You may be surprised at how simple improving your gaming skills really is!

Here are 5 tips to improve your gaming skills.


The best way to improve your gaming skills is simply to play a lot of games. When you first start out, try playing just for fun, and don’t get hung up on beating all of your friends at every game you play. Focus on improving one or two specific skills that will make you a better gamer overall—perhaps something like hand-eye coordination or strategizing. When you start feeling comfortable with a new skill, try playing against higher-level players and trying not to focus so much on winning.

Practice Makes Perfect

Gaming skills come down to muscle memory, which means you have to practice your craft. If you want to become a good gamer, there’s no way around it: You have to be willing and able to play for several hours a day. The most common reason gamers fail is that they don’t put in enough time. So get comfy in front of your screen and get playing!

Stuck On A Level? There’s Help For That

Many video games have special tutorial levels that ease you into what you can expect from a game. If you’re finding yourself stuck on a level, try these out—you might just find yourself breezing through that rough patch!

Playing As A Team Improves Performance

Whether you’re playing in a competitive eSports league or just with your friends, playing as a team makes you better. Working together is a crucial part of improving your skills—you learn to be more open-minded and sensitive to other people’s viewpoints, while also learning how to work with teammates and accept criticism. Playing as a team forces you out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory, which can lead you to excel beyond what you thought was possible.

Have Fun!

Games are meant to be fun, and any time you’re not having fun with a game it’s time to go back and retry. No one is perfect when they start playing a new game, so don’t expect yourself to be. The more you practice, though, the better you get. If you find yourself getting frustrated easily in games—or if your friends do—make sure you take some time off from playing that particular title or type of game altogether.