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5 ways to promote your new services as a car wash

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Marketing plays a huge role in the success of any business. Marketing can make or break the whole venture, whether a new or old established company is looking to launch new services or products. Despite being a vital part of a business, simple marketing strategies can go a long way.

If you own a car wash and want to promote new services, you can use a handful of simple and cost-effective strategies to make your promotions up a notch. Whether you are a new or old business, these methods are an excellent place to start. They can help you to get in more customers even if you don’t have a lot of skills and expertise in marketing. 

Some simple marketing strategies for you

  1. Conventional methods still work

Conventional marketing strategies like posters and flyers are timeless for a reason. These strategies might seem obsolete in the era of social media, but they are helpful in getting the word out to your local customers. Car wash businesses often rely on local customers, so local marketing is essential. Additionally, you can widen your target market.

Many people nowadays are turning into earth-conscious consumers and seek out businesses that offer environmentally friendly solutions. For example, if your company uses PurClean water treatment and recovery systems, you can target this market and potentially gain more customers. On your flyers, ensure to mention that your company goes green with sustainable and ecological solutions, with factors like saving water and sewer costs by 65-90%.

A printed flyer is a tangible piece of marketing that your customers can keep. With attractive and eye-catching designs, sending out flyers is a marketing strategy worth implementing.

  1. Social media can be a game-changer

Social media marketing is a goldmine, allowing you to reach out to many people quickly. If used correctly, it can be a precious mode of marketing. A social media presence can increase your interaction with current and potential customers. You should always respond to questions you send regardless of whether or not the person has previously used your services, as this reflects well on your customer service. 

You can advertise upcoming events, deals, discounts, and new services on your social media accounts. You must be consistent and post regularly. 

You can even use features like polls to get an idea of what customers want to see more. If you are launching new services or have an event coming up, a countdown can be an excellent way to keep people updated. 

  1. Your customers should be a part of your marketing strategy

Customers can be an asset to a business. Encouraging reviews and testimonials are essential. You should also reach out to customers for feedback and promote new services. 

Positive testimonials and reviews should always be highlighted and used to market your business. You can post them on your website and social media handles or print them on flyers. 

Furthermore, you can simply ask your customers to recommend your services to friends and family. Word of mouth benefits car wash businesses and other service industries as people are likely to listen to someone they know and trust. 

Responding politely to bad reviews and considering the feedback can also help as it will show that you are receptive to what customers have to say and take their words seriously. 

  1. Collaborations are always a good idea

Collaborating with other local businesses can be an excellent way to promote new services and increase community engagement. You can collaborate with eateries, stores, or other organizations in the area and give customers who are referred to you by them special discounts. You can also have joint events in which both businesses are involved and send out car wash flyers.

You can consider using PosterMyWall services which come with an extensive variety of customizable car wash flyer templates as well as price list templates for you. This type of collaboration is mutually beneficial as both businesses can receive new customers from the other company’s customer base. 

  1. Promotions and offers go a long way

Offering free or discounted services from time to time can increase the number of people that come in to use your services. Even if the people come in for the first time due to the discount, they will return if they think your services usually provide good value for money too. 

When introducing a new service, you can also have discounts on others or offer deals and bundles. This way, people can try out multiple car wash services and would have an incentive to try out the new one.

You can also have special customer loyalty programs so that customers know that their loyalty matters to you and get something in return. 

The bottom line

You don’t need fancy marketing strategies, especially when you are a smaller business or in the service industry. You need to understand your customer and your customer relations to make your business successful. Having loyal customers and good service can make you stand out. All you need to do is understand how to use this wisely and utilize your resources wisely to get the word out and make your promotions a hit.

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