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55percent Mobile Phone Users Plan to Keep Their Phones for 3-5Years

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As per a new study 55percent of the mobile phone users plans to keep their phones for 3-5 years.

The study has given confirmation to the worst fears of the phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. As per the responses from 3,640 mobile phone users, more than half of them plans to keep their present phone for 3 to 5 more years.

In recent years, the slowdown has been apparent. People who once used to rush to the mobile stores for getting the latest phone are now kind of relaxed and patient bypassing new offerings instead and waiting for an extra year or more between the upgrades.

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The Director at Ting Mobile—Andrew Moore-Crispin said that after many years people are being pressured into buying a new phone when their old one was perfectly well and operational, it is encouraging to notice that so many survey respondents are hanging on to their phones for longer.

The data reveals that people are now more conscious about things like price and basic phone operations. People are no more are worried about the phone being the latest or coolest—this is something which would not be great news for the big manufacturers.

55percent of the survey respondents said that they intend to keep their current phones for 3 to 5 years. 47percent had already kept their phones for more than 3 years.

Of the people surveyed, only 15percent were such who had upgraded their phones before the 2-year mark.

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