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5G in Pakistan: All You Need To Know About It

When will 5G service testing start in Pakistan?

Very soon. Ahsan Iqbal Minster for Planning and Development has confirmed that soon the government will test 5G service in Pakistan. He also said that successful launch of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan enabled the country to become the fourth largest freelance nation in the world. With 5g service, we can expect further advancements and innovation in the tech industry.

Who is allowed to test 5g service in Pakistan?

The government has allowed PTA to permit all telecommunication companies in Pakistan to conduct 5G trials in the country. PTA will develop a framework and whichever telecom company is interested in testing 5G technology would have to follow it.

Which telecom network will introduce 5G first in Pakistan?

It can be any of them. If we go by history and some news reports it can be Zong. Zong introduced 4G services first in Pakistan and we can expect the same with 5G services. Some months back Zong even requested PTA to be allowed testing of 5G.

Other than Zong it can be Jazz, Telenor or even Ufone. Let’s see who beats all with by introducing 5G technology first in Pakistan.

5G salient features

  • 20Gbps peak download rate
  • 10Gbps peak upload rate
  • 30bps/Hz peak spectral efficiency downlink
  • 15bps/Hz peak spectral efficiency uplink
  • 100Mbps user experienced download rate
  • 50Mbps user experienced upload rate

Leading tech brands around the world are also testing 5g technology including Qualcomm, Apple, Huawei, and Ericson.

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