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72 Percent Of iPhones Adopted iOS 14 Says Apple

iOS 14

Apple gives the numbers for the spread of iOS 14: After the initial problems of iOS 13, 72 percent of all iPhones have already installed the current version of the operating system. When it comes to iPads, iPadOS 14 is found on 61 percent of all devices.

Collected by analyzing the accesses to the App Store, Apple publishes for the first time statistics on the spread of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Three months after the release, the latest version of the operating system is active on 72 percent of all iPhones. For devices that only came onto the market in the last four years, the figure is as high as 81 percent. In contrast, 18 percent of all or 17 percent of the newer iPhones use iOS 13, 10 and 2 percent even use older versions.

With the iPads, the difference between the numbers of all and those of the newer devices is slightly larger. While 75 percent of the more recent iPad generations use iPadOS 14, the latest version is only installed on 61% of all iPads. The fact that 21 percent of all iPads run on iPadOS 13 and above all 18 percent even on an even older operating system suggests that significantly more old devices are in use here.

iOS 14 is spreading faster again

Several bugs and reports of sometimes serious problems ensured that the previous version iOS 13 spread much more slowly than expected. It only broke the 70 percent mark at the end of January 2020, and thus significantly later than iOS 12. In view of the current figures, a clear upward trend can be seen in iOS 14. Since iOS 13 will no longer receive security updates, the number of iOS 14 users should increase even more shortly.

But with all of this, Apple also announced that older devices will not be left behind. IOS 14 also runs on all models that support iOS 13. For iPhone 6 and 5s with iOS 12, important security updates are still available. With the integration of the interface for the Corona warning app, Apple recently even delivered a function update on devices that are up to seven years old.