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A Guide to Getting a Personal Injury Attorney


Personal injuries happen every day and you have the right to seek compensation if you know it was not your fault. The injuries result from the truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, construction site, and bicycle accidents. Others may be the consequences of slips and falls, abuse, and animal attacks. In workplaces alone, the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that 340 million accidents happen worldwide every year.

A personal injury attorney will help you get compensation for lost wages, suffering, medical bills, and pain. Examples of cases in which plaintiffs got compensated include Intel’s patent troll, and the wireless technology suit against Apple. The attorney presents your interests and attempts to get you a fair settlement. In turn, you get relief from some of the financial strains that resulted from the accident.

When filing a personal injury case, your main goal is to win and find maximum compensation. You must choose a great personal injury lawyer to achieve this goal. Follow the steps below to find the most competent lawyer with whom you feel comfortable:

Ask Friends and Colleagues

Do you have a friend or co-worker who had a personal injury lawyer represent them? If they have positive comments, it is time for you to add that attorney to your list. Bear in mind that this is simply a starting point; do not hire a personal injury lawyer based on mere comments, as what pleases your friend may not have a similar impact on you. A lawyer’s interests and dedication may also vary based on how they relate to you. Ensure you meet all the attorneys on your list and decide the one you like best, based on your personal interactions. Their reaction and interest in your case will help select the one you will comfortably work with.

Lawyers, You Know

One of your friends could be a lawyer, and if you have no problem sharing personal matters with them and seeking assistance you should consider them. You also may have hired an attorney to handle legal matters for you in the past. If you are not sure, add them to your list of attorneys and meet them to discuss your issue. Having personal discussions will also enable you to find out if they have adequate experience in representing a personal injury case. Ask them to refer someone if they are not able to help you. Meet their referrals too and assess their abilities yourself.

Do an Online Search

Reputable law firms market their services online. You can find their websites and read detailed information about the type of cases they specialize in handling and the range of services they offer to plaintiffs. For California residents, Tiemann Law Firm is the most appropriate for your personal injury cases. The firm will help you find a lawyer to stay by your side from the start to the end of your case. If you are hurt in NJ then it is wise to consult a new jersey personal injury lawyer as they give you the best guidance and take care of your case more professionally.

Endnote: There are many ways to get an attorney for your personal injury case. However, it is your responsibility to evaluate each one of them until you find one that you believe can help you get what you want. You should have all your documents when you meet your enlisted lawyers to help them understand your case better. Most of the attorneys that deal with personal injury cases will not charge you for consultation.