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A quick introduction to Google Fi

Google Fi

Google is hitting the consumer market with every possible technology. It introduced its Pixel smartphone series, tablets, smart home products, and even a mobile carrier. It seems like Google is eager to occupy every bit and corner of the tech world. The cellular network by Google i.e., Google Fi has become a well-known carrier. It offers affordable plans. Furthermore, the most interesting thing about this cellular network is that it provides support for any phone.

You might be wondering how does Google Fi work? Which network does it utilize? Don’t worry you will get answers to your questions in this short piece.

The interesting part is that Google Fi relies on multiple networks. Although it is unique among MVNOs. The uniqueness of Google Fi can be attributed to its utilization of T-Mobile as well as U.S. Cellular networks. Furthermore, a W+ network for Wi-Fi hotspots has also been added. Thus, expanding the coverage of the network.

Although Google Fi is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator [MVNO] it relies on both T-Mobile as well as U.S. Cellular Networks. But the important thing to notice here is that Google Fi is not owned by these companies. Previously, Sprint had its role towards Google Fi. But now, T-Mobile is in full charge of Google Fi. The blend and mixture of networks indicate that Google fi can easily swap between additional cell towers. Thus, providing 4G LTE in more regions.

In addition to this, if your smartphone is capable of 5G, Google Fi will connect it automatically and you can enjoy the service nationwide. Presently, the services of Google Fi are restricted to the United States. But do note that when traveling abroad Fi is the best choice. Since it offers free text messages as well as international calls at the rate of one cent per minute and data at the basic rate.

Furthermore, if you are a Pixel user you hold an advantage over others. You can rely on the W+ network of Wi-Fi hotspots specifically in areas with low coverage like malls, stadiums, and airports. Presently, Google Fi offers three different plans. It has network coverage for around two hundred countries. However, one limitation of Google Fi is that it doesn’t offer its full range of services for iPhone users. Since most of the features are unique to Pixel phones.