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According to Netflix, engagement with games will quadruple by 2023

In the earnings report for Q4 2023, Netflix revealed that engagement with games on the platform tripled last year. The company says that, despite the growth, games are still small on the platform compared to movies and series, but it is still happy with the achievement. According to Netflix, the Grand Theft Auto trilogy, which it released on the platform in November 2023, is the most successful launch in terms of installs and engagements, and some people have signed up on Netflix just to play the three titles.

While it’s still early days for our games offering, engagement tripled last year and despite games still being small, and certainly not yet material relative to our film and series business, we’re pleased with this progress. For example, in Q4, we debuted the Grand Theft Auto trilogy from Rockstar Games. This has become our most successful launch to date in terms of installs and engagement, with some consumers clearly signing up simply to play these games.”

Last month, Netflix said that there are 86 games on the platform, and it is developing 90 more. So, the brand is clearly focusing strongly on gaming. Reportedly, executives at the company even discussed generating revenue from games by introducing ads and in-app purchases and charging money for more sophisticated titles. In the latest earnings report, Netflix also announced that it will soon remove the Basic ad-free subscription, which is the most affordable plan on the platform, from Q2 2024.

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