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According to rumors, Samsung may introduce FE foldable following the launching of the Galaxy Z Fold 6

We all know that the foldable smartphone is flourishing at its peak. Several smartphone companies have come forward with their foldable smartphone offerings, thus raising the bar of competition. What if we come across a foldable smartphone that falls into the affordable category? The idea is not that bad, though.

Since the launch of the Galaxy Fold series, Samsung introduced the Flip smartphones, which were able to hit the $999 mark year after year. Well, this is somewhat affordable given the premium nature of Samsung foldable smartphones. While some users might be anticipating the arrival of a cheaper unit, a rumor might satisfy them.

According to recent pieces of information, the South Korean conglomerate might introduce an affordable foldable unit by next year. It appears that Samsung is more concerned with the Fan Edition family of devices. Some reports suggest that the company might launch more Fan Edition products once the Galaxy S23 FE is out. Some similar reports suggest that foldable phones are part of this new FE-centric approach.

Galaxy Z Fan Edition might debut after the 6th generation

The South Korean tech firm is aiming high for foldable display technology. Recently, TM Roh shared that the company is working on large-screen foldable devices like tablets and PCs. When it comes to cheaper foldable, the company has not declared anything official at the Unpacked event. However, rumors claim that the company will unveil a Fan Edition Galaxy Z unit after the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 next year.

Currently, nothing can be said precisely about this. Recently, Samsung has been more focused on the Fan Edition family of devices. Reportedly, the company is working on the Galaxy S23 FE. Besides this, some rumors suggest that the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Tab S9+ FE tablets are also under development. Regarding a cheaper foldable, we must bear in mind that manufacturing a foldable unit is not easy or cheap.

It’s not obvious whether Samsung will be able to get the price of the foldable phone down to Fan Edition levels by eliminating more expenses. On the other hand, dedicated Zoom cameras and Samsung DeX support are already unavailable on the Z Flip series. Well, if the popularity of foldable smartphones continues to grow, then we can expect a cheaper price tag. However, all this information should be taken with a grain of salt since things will eventually become clearer with time.