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AccuWeather now offers places to visit based on the weather


Place recommendations don’t tend to consider the climate. You would prefer truly not to visit the recreation center when it’s pouring outside, isn’t that right? AccuWeather unquestionably doesn’t think so – it’s banding together with Foursquare on a “hyper-local” suggestion framework in MinuteCast that considers the conditions while directing you toward new destinations. It’ll propose the shoreline or the pool on a hot day, or direct you toward an adjacent café in the event that you need protection from the rain.

What’s more, indeed, AccuWeather knows about protection concerns. You’ll need to select in to sharing you area, and this can be killed. Foursquare’s place information additionally strips out specifically distinguishing data.

Obviously, there is a budgetary motivating force for AccuWeather to do this: advertisement cash. The move will let in-application sponsors target clients in light of where they have a tendency to go. In case you’re regularly at the rec center, an eatery may pitch you on its solid alternatives. That may put you off the suggestion framework in case you’re reluctant to permit any sort of advertisement focusing on (regardless of how anonymous). In any case, AccuWeather is plainly wagering that you’re willing to make that tradeoff on the off chance that it keeps you cool or dry.

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