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Activision Sues Company For Selling Call of Duty Cheats


Online games are and will remain popular, most recently it was battle royale shooters in particular that made it popular. There, however, there is great pressure to be won and some people resort to unfair means such as cheating – much to the displeasure of Activision and Co. Video games are good business, but cheating is also. Because around online shooters, role-playing games and the like, a shadow economy has formed, which also lives well from the fact that some players want to gain unfair advantages. Because the whole thing is often a game of cat and mouse: Whoever sells cheats professionally also puts a lot of effort into keeping them “alive”. The game companies also repeatedly resort to legal means to take action against the commercially operating cheat providers (via PC gamer). As is currently the case with Activision Publishing: The Activision Blizzard subsidiary filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning yesterday. This company promotes and offers cheats for Call of Duty and other popular online shooters. Activision Publishing tries to shut down any software that allows cheating in games.

“Harms games and players”

“With this lawsuit, Activision seeks to halt the illegal conduct of a company that distributes and for profit sells numerous malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain unfair competitive advantage (ie, deceive) in the CoD games,” write the Call of Duty makers in the complaint. “These ongoing activities are detrimental to Activision’s games, its entire business and the experience of the CoD gaming community.” In the text, Activision also explains in principle how and why cheating is carried out in online games. It is also ultimately found that the defendants “were fully aware that their conduct violated Activision’s rights, but nonetheless shamelessly continued their activities.” See also: Call Of Duty cheaters could be banned for CoD parts for life Cod, Vanguard, Call Of Duty: Vanguard, Call of Duty Vanguard Activision