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Adobe unveiled the Artificial Intelligent Photoshop you could ever imagined

Father of photoshopping, who gave birth to the era where images are not just we can take from the literal cameras, it’s even much more than that, so now you understand what Photoshop means to everyone using computer or connected to the internet, Adobe wants to take you on a tour of its new era embarked with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

At the Adobe Max Conference, Adobe has unveiled its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools.

Now you can do things with the AI in Adobe products that you would have never thought before.

Expunge entire neighborhood and replace with something else

Adobe Photoshop AI capabilities now let you expunge the entire neighborhood in the image in a flash and replace it with something that would intelligently fit in the scenario without even making you skeptical, you may later think the original image is the edited one or the one before that. Instead of just filling the surrounding pixels, the software now can extract the meaning from the image and offer a smart substitute from its library of 100 million of other images.

Remove plaster from faces

Similarly, you can edit or retouch portraits more aesthetically, for instance, a person’s face in a photograph is covered with the plaster on the face can now be intelligently removed without putting you in much trouble of removing the area first, then retouching with brushes, clone stamp tool and matching skin tones. Software now understands the parts of the portraits such as nose, ear, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Remove something from the movie

Now the software let you remove unwanted things from the videos, now you can easily remove a person sitting behind in the video for no reason.

CEO Adobe, Shantanu Ranayen said during the conference, “We are trying to reimagine the entire creative process so you can create the way you want. The machines can see patterns and possibilities that we may not be able to see immediately.”

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Abhay Parasnis, Chief Technical Officer at Adobe said, “We have decades of understanding of how artists actually worked in our tools and one of the world’s best creative artist launches Photoshop and they know what is creatively and aesthetically pleasing images are, we are learning from that and training our AI based on truly artistic experiences.”

While some fears that use of AI could potentially harm the artistic and creative capabilities of humans by simply over-relying on machines for creativity, this could potentially end up supplanting creativity.