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After WhatsApp, Snapchat Launches Unsend Messages Feature

The parent company of Snapchat, Snap has announced a new feature called Clear Chats. This feature will allow Snapchat users to delete their sent messages to groups or an individual regardless of whether they have been viewed or saved. The feature will be launched globally by next week. It will allow Snap users to get rid of messages that were sent mistakenly or sent without thinking beforehand.

If you want to delete a message in a group or an individual chat, long press the message so that the delete option appears. Click on the delete option and that message will be gone. Make sure your Snapchat account is updated and your internet is working.

Once you delete an item be it a text, image, video, audio or a sticker the recipient of the message will be informed that you deleted a message.

This feature is quite similar to WhatsApp delete for everyone feature. Initially, WhatsApp allowed its users to delete messages within 7 minutes but then later the app increased the time-period. However, it appears that the WhatsApp deleted messages could be retrieved both by the sender and the recipient. The deleted messages remain on the device and could easily be accessed back via Android device’s notification log. Later WhatsApp changed the feature permitting the users to download all sorts of deleted media files like videos, voice messages, documents, images and GIFs from the app’s servers.

Though Snapchat auto-delete messages once they are viewed and inform users if a screenshot is taken, this new feature will allow the sender to immediately delete an embarrassing message that might contain sensitive information.

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