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AI could reinvent interaction with Windows, says the Chief Product Officer of Microsoft

We can expect that the upcoming version of Windows will rely on AI.

Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, claimed that AI is capable of changing the way everything is done on Windows. AI is an advanced field. It is growing rapidly and invading the core of all devices and apps. At the press conference of AMD, Panay mentioned the future prospects of Windows and AI. Although he didn’t reveal many details. But we can anticipate soon such updates will arrive on our desktops.

Given this scenario, we are uncertain how things are going to change for Windows users. however, we can guess that might the ecosystem of using mouse and keyboards with desktops change. It might be substituted with voice commands powered by AI. So, we can expect an innovative methodology for interacting with our Windows computers given the advancements and usability of AI.

In addition to this, the chief product of Microsoft shares some insights on how such tech can be used by companies. He mentioned different scenarios like automatically framing someone on a conference call, blurring the background in a webcam, and detecting eye contact.

Do notice that this talk was presented during the press conference of AMD at CES 2023. It was arranged to announce the release of new Ryzen 7000 mobile processors. According to AMD, these chips are x86 faster compared to the M2 chips by Apple for MacBooks. Additionally, the Ryzen 7000 features a dedicated AI engine.

We know that Microsoft and AMD have been working in partnership for years. With the chief product officer of Microsoft present during the AMD press conference, we can expect the integration of AI in Microsoft products as well. It might be provided with Microsoft products like Surface Dou or Surface Laptops. Although, Microsoft has already utilized the ARM chip based on AI processing for reducing the background noise on a call.