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Airbus is Launching an Artificial Intelligence-Based Concept Drive

Airbus to initiate its first self-driven 3-in-1 artificial intelligence-based drive – Pop.Up.

With technology reaching every nook, Airbus also rolled out its concept drive. This new drive is a self-driven capsule for two which could fly upon passenger’s request.


The company revealed that its new concept is a car which can then fly using the drone technology; Pop.Up. Airbus is representing its idea in the Geneva Motor Show, 2017.

This new concept car-drone vehicle is designed in collaboration with ItalDesign, a design and engineering company.

Pop.Up is a battery-powered vehicle accommodating two persons. This 2.5m long and a 1.4m high self-driven car can break in two to let the drone take away the capsule. The wheels than can set where parked.

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The company says that the frame of the car could cover a distance of 100km without its capsule and the capsule could be easily unhooked from it when connected with a quad copter.

Pop.Up is a self-driven smart drive which can be called at the doorstep using a mobile app. The app is also designed to cater several other benefits for its user. The passenger could find the best traffic-free zone, find an accompanying partner (carpooling), and other transport solutions.

Airbus has not yet released the date of Pop.Up’s inauguration, but they have shared their further futuristic plans. Airbus is also engineering their flying taxi called CityAirbus. Other than this, the company is also working on a single-person electric aircraft. Unfortunately, no launching date of the three new concepts has been disclosed by the company. The company just showed its strong intentions of working on these new artificial intelligence-based ideas.

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