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All you need to know about Android Q Upgrade & Features

Android Q is the Android update that will launch in third quarter of 2019 for the users. Let us discuss a few new features we will find in Android Q update.

Firstly currently the apps have either access to your location or they don’t. If you allow access to your location to an app, they would be able to access it even when you are not using it. Now with Android Q update, Google will change this that will allow an app to access your location only when it is in the foreground.

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Secondly a dark mode is being prepared for Android Q. When you enable the battery saver mode, most of the phone’s white backgrounds would turn black via this mode.

Thirdly if an app is unable to access something it needs it will automatically open a menu that will ask you to open or close that specific setting.

Fourthly when you pull down the quick setting menu you will be able to see the amount of time your battery has till it gets off. This time can change as per the user uses the phone.

Fifthly Google’s own Product Sans font will be the default system-wide font on Google Pixel phones with Android Q update.

Users would be able to use the developer settings to alter the accent color used across the Android operating system.

A new emergency tile will be added in the main power menu to make access to emergency services easier.

These are some of the new features part of the Android Q update.