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Amazon AppStore Being Criticized For Not Implementing Android 12 After Months

Amazon Appstore

Google’s new smartphone operating system Android 12 has now been publicly available for over a month. Nevertheless, Amazon has not yet managed to get its in-house AppStore up and running on the updated platform.

Initially, of course, Google’s own smartphones and other systems that work with a pure Android were supplied first. Gradually, however, the various smartphone manufacturers are also starting to provide their customized versions. However, if you don’t necessarily want to use Google’s Play Store to download apps, but prefer to use the alternative from Amazon, you should wait with the installation.

There were reports shortly after Android 12 was deployed from users of the Amazon AppStore, for whom the download platform simply no longer worked. Basically, you could certainly do without it for a certain period of time – however, the DRM licenses for various applications are also managed via the store, reports Liliputing. As a result, the applications that were loaded from the AppStore no longer work for those affected after the operating system update.

Developers Workaround

The first reports about the problem were also noticed by Amazon employees. In the following time, however, nothing more happened – or at least nothing that was publicly perceptible. There were only ever new problem reports from the user community, which were answered by saying that Amazon’s technical team was busy investigating the problem.

In the meantime, there are even hints that you can get the matter under control yourself with a workaround. However, this is not an option for normal users. Because you would have to decompile the respective app, remove communication with the Amazon DRM system and recompile the software with its own certificate. Then the application should work again. You have to be an Android developer yourself – but it shows that the underlying problem with the developer resources available to Amazon should actually be solvable relatively quickly. It is currently unclear what exactly is the problem.