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Amazon AWS Working On A Quantum Computer Project

Amazon AWS

Amazon now wants to build its own quantum computer for the existing Amazon AWS quantum computing division. This is what emerges from media reports. The head of the AWS team gave an initial insight into the project.

While Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is still recovering from his space flight, the next mammoth project is starting at Amazon AWS: The direct subsidiary of the retail giant, which has specialized entirely in cloud computing, will now develop its first own quantum computer. According to the report, a conversation with Oskar Painter was conducted, who is head of the quantum hardware team at Amazon AWS. Painter confirmed the ambitious goals: “We have an internal project to build our own quantum computer and to develop software and algorithms for it.”

Your own quantum computer is only a matter of time

Accordingly, the group wants to fully enter the multi-billion dollar supercomputer market with the new project. The background is that you have built up enough expertise yourself over the years and, above all, you know exactly in which areas customers are demanding improvements. The company’s own quantum computer is therefore already in the works. How far the project has progressed was not revealed.

“At AWS, we usually do not focus on problems that are far in the future. We do the things our customers want from us,” said Richard Molds, Managing Director of Amazon Braket in an interview with Handelsblatt.

In addition, Amazon AWS wants to use the experience to develop new hardware, as the technology used so far is reaching physical limits. The current quantum computing customers at AWS include large corporations such as Volkswagen and BMW. With the new project, Amazon will not only become a service provider, but also a hardware manufacturer. According to Handelsblatt, the AWS supercomputers are still running with hardware from Rigetti Computing.