Amazon Fights Google Over Blocked YouTube Access To Echo Show Device

Amazon becomes infuriated and clashed with Google when the YouTube access was blocked on one of the retailer’s devices.

Amazon’s increasingly becoming popular device Amazon Echo Show, a voice-controlled assistant device with screen which can display information and videos.

Both companies started blaming each other over the glintch, according to Amazon Google blocked YouTube access to its device without any solid reason or explanation, while Google claims that Amazon had a flaw in their device and Echo Show delivered “broken user experience”—BBC reported on Tuesday.

Echo Show is the device with modified capabilities; the device cannot access the full YouTube website and its features such as subscribing channels and video recommendations. Keeping this in mind there could have been software and hardware compatibility issues that could have led to this debacle.

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However, Google said in a statement, “Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on Echo Show device violates our terms of service, which eventually created a broken user experience. We hope to reach an agreement and resolve this issue soon. We have been in discussions with Amazon for long, working towards an agreement which provides best customer experience on both platforms.”

Amazon’s View

Google says one thing but Amazon is saying something else, Amazon out rightly rejects Google’s statement and blames Google for the issue.

Amazon said in a statement, “Google has deliberately stopped access to YouTube from Echo Show devices without any explanations and notification to users, There is no technical fault from our end, this is really hurting our customers and our business.”

This is not the first clash between tech giants, there are many stories in the past that are similar to this event. In 2013, Microsoft made an unofficial YouTube app for its Windows phone users, which Google ordered to remove immediately because it violated their terms of service allowing users to download videos and bypass advertisements.

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Later in 2016, Amazon decided to stop selling Apple TV a video streaming box on their platform after Apple denied to add Amazon’s Prime Video Service on the device.

The companies go into clashes when there is a conflict of interest, both Amazon and Google are continuously developing voice-controlled smart devices which could escalate disputes in one way or another.