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Amazon Kindle Scribe Delayed Facing Delivery Problems

The production and delivery of the new Amazon Kindle Scribe could be delayed. Due to another corona lockdown in Chinese factories, the production of the e-book reader with pen input is at risk. The first buyer’s report changed delivery dates.

While the Kindle Scribe was announced for November 30th, reports of delayed shipments are piling up. The closure of the responsible Foxconn factory in China, which has been affected by an increasing number of coronavirus cases since mid-October, could be responsible for this. Normalization is not expected until the next few weeks, should the Chinese government’s “Zero Covid” policy and the associated lockdown measures take effect.

Those who pre-order the Kindle Scribe should check their order history to see if the delivery date has changed. If this is the case, it may only be a matter of a few days. So far, only a few buyers are reporting that delivery will be delayed until the end of December. However, the factory closure could have further effects on the Christmas business, since Foxconn not only manufactures Amazon products, but also those from Apple.

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