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Amazon Launches GameOn App: A Gaming TikTok

Amazon GameOn

When talking about Amazon, the e-commerce platform that comes to mind is more of an e-commerce platform, and it is rarely associated with games. In fact, Amazon also has a far-reaching layout in the game field. In addition to its back-end AWS cloud service, it also acquired the well-known game live broadcast platform Twitch, released its own Lumberyard game engine based on CryTek’s CryEngine, and recently released a cloud game service platform Luna.

However, the Luna service is mainly aimed at PC players on the mobile side, and now Amazon has once again launched the GameOn social network, which is mainly aimed at hard-core Android players. It can provide them with a platform to edit and share key moments in the game because currently on the market There are not many similar social networks.

The platforms provided by Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook are mainly for long video content and live broadcasts, while the GameOn platform is similar to TikTok. The social platform allows uploading short videos of 30 seconds to 5 minutes, all highlighting the performance in a certain key period of the game, rather than the entire game process.

However, GameOn is not just a social network, because this mobile application is almost like a video recording and editing application. The recorded video will be stored on the device, and users can edit it afterward before uploading it to the GameOn server. Given that it uses a display screen recording method, this app is only available on Android, through the Google Play Store or Amazon’s own Appstore, which is not surprising.

GameOn does provide some special features, such as Recall Recall Record, which only saves the last 30 seconds to 5 minutes of the game process. You can use the selfie camera to add facial recordings, such as commentary, to personalize the clips. The platform also has weekly challenges, and there are quite a few popular contests around specific topics or goals.