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Amazon To Create 1800 More Jobs in France


The U.S. retail giant Amazon inc. said on Tuesday that the company is planning to create 1800 more permanent employment opportunities in France in 2019. The French country is the largest European market After the United Kingdom and Germany.

The increase in the workforce will make the total number of permanent employees at Amazon to 9,300 by the end of 2019, the company is invested over 2 billion Euros in the French market since, 2010, Reuters reported. Amazon’s decision to create more jobs in France comes right after Conforama, the French unit of South African retailer Steinhoff, is in the process of financial restructuring and decides to cut jobs by 1900 in France.

According to French Deputy Finance Minister, the traditional retailing in France faces deep transformation and this transformation reflects in 1800 new jobs at Amazon and 1900 jobs cuts at Conforama. She also said the French government is aware of Conforama transformation and it would look for its impact on the job market.

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Amazon has been expanding in France gradually; the U.S. retailer has 20 sites in France including six logistics centers. Amazon currently holds 17.3 percent of retail business market share in France, however, its grocery market share in just only 2 percent. Amazon started its Amazon Prime express delivery service in Paris since 2016, the company also plans to start grocery delivery service in France in the near future. The company partnered with French Food Retailer Casino in April, making more French products available at Amazon stores.