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Amazon To Open New Stores To Sell Electronics Bargains

According to a report from the USA, the world’s largest online retailer Amazon has researched an alternative way of dealing with the large numbers of shopkeepers in the electronics sector. Allegedly, Amazon was planning its own chain of stores to sell them off.

As reported by the US business and tech news reporter Bloomberg, there were serious considerations within Amazon around the opening of a chain of discount stores for electronics and household goods. The main aim was to get rid of products that had been in Amazon’s shipping centres and warehouses for a long time and were slow to sell.

Plans Affected By Pandemic

In addition to permanent stores, Amazon also wanted to create pop-up stores that were to be positioned in large shopping centres or in parking lots for a limited period of time. However, the considerations already took place before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and as a result, they were put on hold due to other, more important issues, it is said.

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The US group wanted to use the discount stores to “clear up the warehouse” and “bring through stocks” without the products having to be destroyed. On the other hand, customers could have benefited from low prices. Amazon supposedly wanted to concentrate primarily on products for which you would not need a lot of space.

So it was primarily about selling household goods, electronics, toys, baby and kitchen accessories. Textiles, on the other hand, should not be part of the offer, as more retail space is required for their sale than for the various other goods. In particular, selling multiple sizes of clothing is an obstacle, according to the report.

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Amazon has operated a number of its own stores in the USA for years. There is not only the chain of stores called Amazon Go, which works completely without salespeople and cashiers but also stores under the name “Amazon 4-Star”, where the company also offers a mix of popular and well-rated products offline. There are also more than 500 grocery stores of the “Whole Foods” chain,