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AmazonGo is the best alternate to avoid checkout lines


AmazonGo is a concept store by Amazon that replaces cashiers and checkout lines with computer vision and artificial intelligence. It is a new brick and mortar conceptual store. The video released on Monday describes AmazonGo as a project that relies on technology very similar to the self-driving car.

AmazonGo is basically design in reference to computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion. It aims to make technology more easy for non technical people. The particular feature by Amazon is known as “Just walk out”. The technology works similar to a mobile app. When using AmazonGo, users or shoppers have to activate their app and scan it on a high-tech turnstile when entering. Users upon entering shop from the store by picking whatever they want and then the Just Walk Out technology adds them to their virtual cart. The shopper then leaves the store and the feature adds up the total in their virtual cart. It charges their Amazon account and sends receipt to the app.

Amazon said in a statement that the store has been in works with four years.

AmazonGo is the future for shopping

There are online supermarkets and a lot of commercial grocery giants trying to combine online and offline features. The giant has already started a grocery delivery service called AmazonFresh which is a drive-in location where online grocery orders can be picked up.

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The concept of AmazonGo combines in-store convenience with speed and seamlessness of online shopping. This is a game changer in the technology industry. The store is in beta mode at Seattle upon a 1800 square foot land. The store is only open to Amazon employees but will be open to public in early 2017. Walk Out Technology will make the company the company one of its kind in the online store industry.

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