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Amazon’s International Expansion with Alexa Powered Echo Devices

Amazon brings its Alexa powered devices to countries like Japan and India.

The online seller stated that it has started selling a few of Echo devices in India by invitations. Later this year the company plans on bringing Echo to Japan.

These Echo devices are charged by its Alexa Voice assistant to help with the expansion of the device throughout India the world’s second highest populous state. The device has strong competition from Snapdeal, Flipkart, and others. In India, last year Amazon launched its membership service. The more the Indian customers will buy this echo device the more it would assist Amazon in making them its loyal Prime members.

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Japan, is another huge and worthy market for Amazon for years.

Amazon intends to sell Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot in India. These devices are costing amount Rs. 9,999, Rs. 14,999 and Rs. 4,999 respectively. These devices would be shipped to India by the end of this month. Echo devices have already hit the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany markets.

Alexa can speak in multiple languages depending on the customer’s market. German, American English, British English and English with an Indian accent are some of the languages Alexa now qualifies in.

Furthermore, Alexa has now an improved sense of understanding the context and intent of the said words. This ability would help the voice assistant in comprehending phrases that may have proper names, places, songs or movie titles of various languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam. The Alexa and Echo device combo for sure would provide an easy access to music, news, information, weather, etc. to customers.

At Seattle headquarters, new echo devices were revealed by Amazon just a few days after the international enlargement.

This Amazon announcement was made in time hours before the Google hardware event where rival Home market speakers were expected to be shown.