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AMD Performance Issue In Windows 11 Will Be Fixed Via Patches Soon

AMD Ryzen 5000

The reports of massive performance problems when various AMD processors work together with Windows 11 put the two responsible companies under a lot of pressure. It currently looks like patches are being completed at record speed.

Corresponding reports appeared shortly after the official start of the new Microsoft operating system and were also quickly confirmed by AMD: In the cooperation of Windows 11 with certain Ryzen processors, performance losses of up to 15 percent were recorded. Above all, this also applied to areas of application such as games, in which top performance is required.

According to a report by Wccftech, in-depth analysis has shown that there are two reasons for the problems: First, the latencies when accessing the L3 cache were unusually high, and UEFI CPPC2 profiles were not correctly interpreted.

Two patches

The magazine now has information that the development teams from AMD and Microsoft, who immediately dealt with the problems together, have already found solutions. A patch for the problem with the L3 cache is to be published as part of the next update releases by Microsoft on Tuesday, October 19th. With regard to the CPPC matter, however, AMD will publish it. Here, too, the work on the patch has already been completed and this is going through the release process with final tests and other preparations. The update should then be available directly from AMD next Thursday, October 21st. It is still unclear whether it will also be included in the automatic Windows update.

The quick response should help not to hinder Microsoft’s efforts to get the upgrade process as quick as possible. Previously, the situation was such that AMD indirectly recommended sticking to Windows 10 for the time being if you wanted to get the full performance out of your system.

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