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AMD Radeon Driver Update Drops The Performance By 50 Percent


After AMD recently released an important bug fix update for the Radeon driver, reports of new problems are now piling up. This can lead to significant performance losses for users.

We are talking about measurable performance drops of around 50 percent in connection with 3DMark software. However, only very few users who have installed the latest Radeon update are affected. The online magazine VideoCardz has collected the reports of some affected users. The newly occurring errors are currently being hotly debated

in the Steam forum. The problem arose with gamers who also fully query the performance of the GPUs – and suddenly had performance problems. The performance problem was discovered or verifiable through measurements in 3DMark with an AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX and TimeSpy. TimeSpy is a specialized DirectX 12 benchmark test used for gaming PCs. The numbers show a significant loss of performance for some users after the update. The score drops from the previous 24,587 to 12,861. The only difference is the driver version used.

AMD has not yet commented

While it is not known if this driver bug only affects 3DMark for now, it’s possible that other applications are affected as well. Unfortunately, AMD has not yet commented on this. If the loss of performance is reproducible, there will certainly be a statement in the AMD support forum shortly and another update will follow.

Until then, you have to be patient as an affected person. Corrective measures are not known.