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America will aid Pakistan to produce genetically engineered corn


The Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has said that future community oriented undertakings between the US and Pakistan incorporate utilizing American soybean feed in poultry, fish farming, and dairy businesses, presenting genetically engineered maize and working with different government divisions to create uniform sanitation guidelines.

“Soybean from the United States will serve as raw material for poultry, fish farming and dairy industries in Pakistan. We are working collaboratively with the government and the industry not only in poultry but also in the new and exciting area of fish farming which is in the pipeline,” Casey E. Bean, USDA official based in US Embassy in Islamabad, told Dawn.

“Approval of genetically-engineered maize is currently being considered in Pakistan. It would offer farmers a tool to increase their production and reduce use of agricultural chemicals,” he claimed.

Talking about the complicated relationship between the two countries, Mr Bean told Dawn, “While political highs and lows in the relations between the two countries occurs, US-Pakistan cooperation in the agricultural sector has always been an important part in our bilateral relationship of seventy years.

“The deep relationship between the agricultural scientists of the two countries is evident in the collaboration on developing seeds for wheat, rice, sugarcane, and cotton. The agriculture sector is an incredibly important sector in Pakistan and is a priority for the US. For these reasons the USDA mission has an office in Islamabad,” he said.

Partners in battling terrorism, Pakistan and the US have a knotty relationship, particularly over Afghanistan. In the past, Washington has blamed Islamabad for playing a twofold game yet in February this year US President Donald Trump said that the United States had built up a “greatly improved relationship” with Pakistan.

Uniform sanitation models and food security are two different territories where the USDA is working with nearby government offices, Mr. Bean said. USDA is working with the Department of Commerce, the Ministry of National Food Security and agribusiness segment to actualize sanitation guidelines, for example, food label illustrating ingredients contained in food items.

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