An Egg a Day Might Keep the Doctor Away, Study Suggests

For years, experts have warned that eating eggs increases the levels of unhealthy cholesterol. However, as per a new study an egg a day could decrease the risks of heart-related diseases and stroke.

The study authors claimed that the Chinese adults who ate an egg on a per day basis had a lower potential for cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

The study was conducted on half-a-million healthy adults who were aged between thirty and seventy-nine over nearly nine years, researchers have concluded after the comparison with non-consumers that the consumption of egg daily was linked to a lower risk of CVD.

The risks of haemorrhagic stroke were also twenty-six percent lesser among the egg-consumers, as reported by the Chinese research team in the Journal Heart.

And also, the consumption of egg on a daily basis was linked with a decreased percentage of deaths from cardiovascular diseases (18%) and a twenty-eight percent reduced risk for death from haemorrhagic stroke.

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Cardiovascular diseases—is a bunch of disorders related to the heart and blood vessels and is the major reason of deaths and disabilities across the world.

As per World Health Organization, nearly around 17.7 million people die of CVDs annually, which makes almost a third of all the deaths worldwide.

Eighty percent of CVD deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes.

Not exercising much, smoking and consuming an unhealthy diet high in salt and low in fresh fruits and vegetables increases the risk.

Eggs are abundant in dietary cholesterol, long associated with a higher CVD risk, however, it contains important proteins and vitamins.

The authors concluded from the present study that there is a link between average intake of egg (that is one egg per day) and a lower cardiac event rate.

However, the experts who were not a part of this study said that the results have failed to indicate that eating eggs regularly decreases CVD risk.

Tom Sanders—Nutrition specialist at the University College of London said that a significant limitation of this current study is that the people who ate eggs daily were more comfortable than the ones who avoided them.

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