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Android 12: Double Tap Gesture On Fingerprint Sensor

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The next version of the mobile operating system from Google will bring numerous innovations with it, above all a far-reaching redesign of many graphic elements. But the Android makers have also thought about something functional, especially with regard to gestures.

The idea is obvious and not really new either, because there were already reports in January of this year that Google was working on something like this: We are talking about a gesture solution that uses the fingerprint sensor to carry out certain actions. Now, however, Google has released the second beta version of the new Android 12 and this offers, among other things, this new type of gesture control.

Like Android Police reports, the sensor can be set to detect double-tapping. The function officially called “Quick Tap” can be adapted according to user requirements: You can therefore specify whether a screenshot is taken or a digital assistant is started with this gesture. You can also play or pause media in this way, see recently used apps or notifications. Finally, you can also specify that a specific app is opened.

Other Improvements

The whole thing is of course still in beta (like Android 12 as a whole) and accordingly, it does not work quite as it should or will one day. Android Police tested the feature with several (Google) smartphones: Quick Tap ran without any problems on a Pixel 5, but this gesture control could not be induced to cooperate on a Pixel 3a XL.

Of course, the Android 12 Beta 2 also brings other improvements, including the new Privacy Dashboard for an optimized view of all functions related to privacy. In addition, Google has released further elements of the revised material design.