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Android 12 Expected To Arrive October 4

The official go-ahead for the new Google operating system Android 12 should be given in a few weeks. Leaked documents indicate that the final version could be rolled out from October 4th. As usual, Pixel smartphones should benefit from the update first.

After the recent release of the last beta version of Android 12, the new mobile operating system from Google should be on the home straight and will be delivered to the first smartphones in just a few weeks. As the XDA Developers reporter Mishaal Rahman found out, the release date on October 4, 2021, should appear realistic. His statement is based on Google documents available to him that provide for the final stable version to be handed over to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on the day mentioned.

Android 12 To Hit Pixel Smartphones First

In recent years, this handover for Android 10 and Android 11 has been the official starting signal for the software, at least for a few devices. As is well known, only the company’s own Google Pixel smartphones will be supplied with the new Android 12 for the time being. Companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, on the other hand, will need some time to optimize the operating system for their hardware and, above all, the often adapted interfaces (e.g. One UI, OxygenOS, etc.). How long this process will take varies depending on the manufacturer.

At the beginning of October, Android 12 sets the course not only for a significantly revised graphical interface and new functions but also for the introduction of the new Google Pixel 6 (Pro). Experts are currently assuming that the group could deliver its previously announced flagship smartphones from October 19, 2021, or offer them for pre-order. The Android 12 release date planned a few weeks earlier suggests that the new software will be pre-installed ex-works on the Pixel 6 models.