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Android Accounts Are Getting More Security From Google

In a recent bid to make user accounts more secure, Google has announced the expansion of its Advanced Protection Program that enhances the security and keeps the accounts safe from attacks.

Play Protect is Google’s native protection system that scans over 100 billion apps each day. It also scans and checks for malware and abnormal behavior or activity in all the apps installed on the device.

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The expansion of the program will make sure that the devices will be free from off-the-radar attempts to access accounts, limiting data reach and support physical security keys with Google Play Protect enabled automatically without any way to shut it down.

Further, the Advance Protection Program would limit the user’s capability to install third-party apps securing devices from threats.

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However, it will allow users to download apps from app stores that ship with the device or through the specific providers that Google approves. Already installed apps will function as they were.

Back in 2017, Advanced Protection Program was introduced to offer an additional level of security to high-profile users such as politicians, journalists, business leaders and such. Its main aim is to offer protection from phishing attempts and minimizing the impact of malicious applications.

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