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Angry Birds Owners Worth Revealed: How Much Is The Worth Of Rovio “Angry Birds”

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According to Arctic Startup Finnish magazine has revealed the ownership structure of popular Game developer Rovio. You must have played the addicting game “Angry Birds” it was ranked the most popular and addicting game in 2010.

Now you will explore how much the company actually worth and how many owners it has. For me it was quite curious know how much the company is making after becoming so popular in globally. This valuation was conducted in 2012 and now the company could have worth even more.

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Trema Holdings is the company behind Rovio, Father, Son nephew all are enjoying huge returns from the company CEO Mikael Hed’s father Kaj Hed, who is the owner of Trema Holdings, owns a major portion of the company which is approx. 70 percent. Son owns 0.6% of the company shares. Co-founder Niklas Hed owns 4.3% while, other investors Accel Partners and Atomico own 10 percent each.

According to the report Rovio’s valuation at the time of the company’s last $42 million investment in March was around $210 million. The company rejected the buyout offer from Zynga which shows its real worth. The offered amount was $2.25 billion. This means the company worth more than that.

By using the above valuation, here is the complete structure of ownership and what the company’s worth is;

  • Kaj Hed / Trema International Holdings BV: 69.7 percent ($1.57 billion)
  • Accel Partners: 10 percent ($225 million)
  • Atomico Invest: 10 percent ($225 million)
  • Co-founder Niklas Hed: 4.3 percent ($96.8 million)
  • CEO Mikael Hed: 0.6 percent ($13.5 million)
  • CMO Peter Vesterbacka: 3.1 percent ($69.8 million)
  • Employees: 1.3 percent ($29.3 million)
  • Felicis Ventures: 1 percent ($22.5 million)