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Another Large Scale Cyber-Attack In Motion After Wannacry Attack

We are still suffering from Wannacry Cyber Attack, the attack that took companies, businesses, and governments by surprise, and a lot was lost. Now it is being heard that another large scale cyber-attack is in motion that would make the previous attack seem minute. This news has been confirmed by a global cyber-security firm called Proofpoint.

The target of this new anticipated attack would be the same that is to control thousands of computers worldwide. The difference is that instead of restricting files from the computer, this virus would use the computers to mine virtual currency.

Moreover, researchers at Proofpoint have found another attack linked to WannaCry, which is called Adylkuzz. This virus uses hacking, not with the aim to demand ransom but to use an infected machine to mine virtual currency. This currency is then transferred to the hackers.

Let’s look at the symptoms of such an attack as per Proofpoint:

  • Loss of access to shared Windows resources
  • Degradation of PC and server performance

The effect of Adylkuzz would be more dangerous compared to WannaCry Attack. The reason being, Adylkuzz doesn’t ask the user for ransom. It generates virtual money. It is more gainful for criminals. The victim of this attack becomes financial supporters of the assailants unknowingly.

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Proofpoint also confirmed that they have noticed some infected machines that have been used to transfer several thousand dollars to the hackers. The firm also said that this virus has been out since May 2 . The way it works is the reason it was not detected before.

Already 300,000 computers are suffering from the previous attack. News on more such attacks is alarming for the whole world.

Image via: The Financial Express