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Apple App Store Revenue Popped Up By $2.5 Billion

Apple App Store revenue sore up by $21.5 billion.

Apple App Store

Apple App Store is still at number one in generating revenue from its app store. Google’s Play Store stands at number two. Although, both stores witnesses a hefty growth of 15.1% over the year, Apple is still ahead of Google.

Sensor Tower, the popular market analyst shared its market result for the third quarter of 2021 where the company showcased results from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The two generated a hefty score with a total consumption of $34 billion.

The App Store made revenue of $21.5 billion this year, which was $19 billion last year.

Besides increasing revenue, the company observed a decrease in the number of app installations. The decline observed by Apple App Store was 1.2%.


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