Apple CarPlay Supports Google Play Music App Now


Google Play Music app was updated last week with “New release radio” which offered updates on daily basis. If you are an IOS user and use both the app Apple’s CarPlay and Google Play Music then this update will mesmerize you. You can now use both apps that will go hand in hand because Apple’s CarPlay now supports Google Play Music.

CarPlay already supports Apple music, Spotify and Amazon music, Google Play music now makes its way to the list, before joining the competitive landscape Google released Radio which cleverly outperforms Spotify. Unlike spotify Google updates latest releases on daily basis,

So in this scenario, if you echoed your car with the combination of CarPlay and spotify before now you will love amalgamating CarPlay and Play music to listen to your favorite tunes.

The app will have four main sections. Recommendations can be seen on the home screen, Recents section would take you to the recently played list, music library will open up your saved tunes, you can also find genres and other collections on the stations.

To get all these features, you can update your Google Play Music app on your phone because it carries all the updates that you might not have installed yet. After updating the app you are ready to go with your favorite beats.

You can also take the Google Play Music app icon to the home screen of your CarPlay in order to access it easily.


image via: macrumors